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We all have our favorite topics, but there are topics that many of you agree to dislike for various reasons. One of them is history, I’m sure.

Yes, there are many children who just don’t want to read and know everything related to history because they find it very boring. But the site reviewed today is not a random history site, it is about the history of the inventions and concepts behind various products of today that are commonly used. is a site that presents the golden age of Arabic science, which means that the site focuses more on Muslim inventions.

To start, you’ll find the main menu at the top, with sections like world events, news and updates, but the most interesting sections are “Discover”, with random inventions and breakthroughs from the ancient past, from the Assyrian, Babylonian, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Persian and Roman and Muslim civilization.

In the “Initiative” section, you can read and browse even more interesting content like Arabic Science, Travel and Adventure, Trick Science, Alchemy to Chemistry, Book of Animals, Remedies of the east, the rise of the machines, the world of light, and many more.

Finally, the “Fun & learning” section, as the title suggests, will offer you a variety of educational materials that bring fun and engaging learning, all just a click away from your mouse. Apart from that, you can read about books, movies, online exhibits and download educational packs and activity guides for free to spark your interest in invention science.

According to the site, 1001 Inventions is a UK-based non-profit and award-winning international science and cultural organization that raises awareness of the creative golden age of Arab science.

So, from astronomical discoveries to navigation and exploration of the deep blue seas, read and discover more about these exciting topics and more about the golden age of Muslim civilization at:

Posted in Dawn, Young World, August 13, 2022

Sherry J. Basler