University of Georgia’s new school of computer science will offer a master’s degree in computer science and cybersecurity

“The University of Georgia is committed to creating synergies on our campus that foster new opportunities for students and faculty and better serve communities in Georgia and around the world,” said the president of the University of Georgia. Georgia, Jere W. Morehead, in a statement. “I am thrilled with the positive impact the School of Computer Science will have on research and teaching in STEM disciplines at UGA.”

The collaboration between Franklin College and the College of Engineering will also allow the university to offer certificate programs in areas related to information science, data analytics, and predictive machine learning, a said Provost S. Jack Hu of the University of Georgia. Fortune.

“Elevating computer science from a department to a school will allow the University of Georgia to offer even more cross-disciplinary collaborations in education and research on campus for students, faculty, and staff,” said Hu. “The joint nature of the program with engineering will allow the university to integrate these subjects into all of our engineering curricula.”

The College of Engineering is the fastest growing school at the University of Georgia, and enrollment in computer science courses has “increased rapidly in recent years,” according to a statement from the university. In fact, between 2013 and 2021, computer science enrollment jumped more than 66%, from 485 students to 1,462.

“The Computer Science Department has grown significantly since its founding in 1984,” Franklin College Dean Alan T. Dorsey said in a statement. “Its new high status as a school of computer science reflects the vital role of computer science in our university and in our world.”

Sherry J. Basler