TI Health Relaunches Its Website Highlighting the Insights Platform and Omni Channel Offerings

The website further differentiates the information platform and licensed data product, AFFINITI™ and TI Health’s multimedia enablement services now available across seven different channels. AFFINITI™ aggregated media exposures to map vendor profile and preferences based on message, content and channel responsiveness. The service is used to support omnichannel strategy, creative development and message personalization, clinical trial recruitment, and remote rep talking points for appropriately sized sales teams.

Visit the TI Health website at www.tihealth.com to learn more or join them as they keynote at Fierce Pharma’s Digital Innovation Week on 6/21 for a deeper look at omnichannel engagement and the future of activation health care.

About TI Health

TI Health is a data-driven predictive analytics and marketing company providing omnichannel insights and enablement solutions for healthcare companies and pharmaceutical brands. TI Health’s proprietary AFFINITIi™ predictive analytics platform uses machine learning to map content, messaging, and channel strategy preferences for leading pharma brand marketers in United States.

For more information about TI Health products and services, visit http://www.tihealth.com or follow us on LinkedIn for new developments.

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Sherry J. Basler