This site recovers houses that do not really exist

This House Does Not Exist is a technology based on artificial intelligence designed to create the house of your dreams. This is how this portal works.

The classic single-family home has given way to other differential styles. The best example of this is given by the new architectural registers on the market. The new tastes gave way to options full of new invoicing materials, which had as their main objective the creation of new forms and interesting proposals. In addition, at present it is possible to configure houses through the use of systems based on artificial intelligence. Did you know this is available now?

This type of deep learning programs allows us to have a real-time survey of our potential home with just a few clicks. This innovative technology draws attention to have a set of novelties among which the possibility of using many materials and colors. You just have to introduce a series of preferences into the equation to enjoy a unique and different design. Will this technology put an end to interior design houses? It is hoped that at least these designs can serve as support.

So let’s see what are the keys to this incredible technology, what are the chances of success of this proposal in the medium term and, of course, to what extent we find ourselves in front of an interesting solution if we start from 0 when creating a house. Here are the keys to understand why this type of tool can become a differentiating alternative for home decoration in the future.

Create the house of your dreams in just a few clicks

This house does not exist, which is as well as the name of the portal created exclusively, stands out for offering an incredible result based on a few clicks. This digital proposal was the work of the Twitter user @levelsio. One of the curiosities of its technology, compared to other programs of the same class, is that it has the innovation of incorporating a certain type of furniture in the first phase of creation. This way, the final details are much more represented overall.

This house does not exist is a program that allows you to model a house without great knowledge of architecture. Image: Luxury Homes

It is an interesting alternative that can serve as a starting point to be able to carry out a certain work. The project may not fit properly due to the presence of many more variables that can strike construction, but it can guide a person during execution. Even so, it is important to keep in mind that in this tool variables are not indicated, such as cost or, of course, the approximate material need.

These architectural designs attract attention, mainly, for the ability to propose ideas to the public. Even so, it is important to keep in mind that only one view is offered regarding the design. For this reason, other aspects of particular interest will have to be assessed. After all, there are certain materials that provide more or less protection depending on the weather conditions at a certain location. Anyway, it is an interesting option to be able to get a general idea of ​​any construction project.

Sherry J. Basler