Smart Factory now at your fingertips

Shashi Thete

On August 7, 2022, Shashi Thete launched his website, with Mukund Kulkarni as main guest and Samit Sachdeva, Prasad Kolkil, Harsh Vardhan Jajoo as honored guests. Directors, employees and many other industry people from Sigma Toolings attended the inaugural session which also witnessed the Smart Factory movement of Indian industries – a project very close to Shashi Thete. Shashi Thete, a well-known Industry 4.0 leader, leads Sigma Toolings, which specializes in high-end custom tooling solutions in India, while being at the forefront of adopting futuristic industry technologies 4.0 for its own manufacturing and its own products.

The event had Mukund Kulkarni, the Director of Expert Global Solution, the Chairman of the National Technology Working Group, as well as CII Board Member MSME Forum as the main guest. The launch also saw Samit Sachdeva, Vice President and National Unit Manager of Siemens India, Prasad Kolkil, Managing Director of Sanjay Technoplast Private Limited, and also Chairman of CII-Marathwada Area Council, and Harsh Vardhan Jajoo, Coach in leadership and curator of small big wins and a former chairman of CanPack India Private Limited as guest of honour.

Mukund Kulkarni

Mukund Kulkarni said in his speech, “I am looking forward to mood identification on the website and would suggest you have lie detection in the system for our smart community. I want to thank you and your company’s efforts to create this smart factory and such an integrated approach for the website despite small operations and resources. What is really credible is that your experience with technology has been collected in the form of this website for the community.

At the start of the launch ceremony, Shashi Thete shared his company’s journey: “One day while I was traveling in Spain, I sat in a restaurant and saw a board there. He said – we bake our own bread! That was the day I decided that I would also bake my own bread and so I started building my team.” According to Shashi Thete, the definition of a Smart Factory is having people first intelligent, which are autonomous, then to start the next step to bring the intelligent software or technology.

In his keynote, Harsh Jajoo shared his thoughts on Mr. Thete’s understanding and implementation of AI and said, “Smart Factory is not just about smart innovations. It is also necessary, to change the mentalities of the organizations and not only the tools, to allow the creation of a space of reception of new technologies. And Shashi embodies that very well!

Harsh Vardhan Jajoo

Sigma Toolings Private Limited was established in 2001 and had a remarkable presence in the custom tooling industry with 600 blue chip clients in India and abroad as well. Shashi is a well-known face in the industry and has achieved an extraordinary transformation from a conventional factory to a smart factory by implementing Industry 4.0 and using artificial intelligence tools. Under his leadership, Sigma Toolings has a fully Industry 4.0 ready paperless factory located in Aurangabad.

Shashi Thete has also launched an e-book about its experiences in transforming a conventional factory into a smart factory. With his real-time experience in the history of successful smart factories, Shashi used to mentor 90 industry owners for such initiatives under the TLC (Teaching and Learning Community) platform. Shashi is one of the most experienced leaders with extensive management experience and employs excellent leadership skills and multitasking strengths.

At the launch, Shashi Thete said, “With the launch of this website, we want other industries to join us on our journey. I am committed to this cause and want to build a community dedicated to improving smart factories.

Sukhesh Vinchurkar

Samit Sachdeva shared with the audience the timeline of landmark industry revolutions and in doing so said: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory is based on 3 principles – the first is the conversion of the world physical to digital world. The second is from decentralized production to centralized production. And the last of the most essential where the product tells the machine exactly what needs to be done. All of this has to converge at some point and that is where we are all moving towards a digital future.

Prasad Kolkil said, “There are various shows such as Coffee with Karan, Comedy Nights with Kapil and others. I’m sure there would be one for ‘Shashi Thete-A Digital Man’. For other young innovators who are eager to change the digital world, today will be recorded as an important day in many industries in the future.

Sukhesh Vinchurkar, Director of Sigma Toolings, “Today is a golden day in the Sigma family. Shashi has put a diamond on Sigma’s Industry 4.0 crown. Sharing the nine things about Shashi Thete, Mr. Vinchurkar proudly said, “Shashi has raised awareness of the solution to all problems and shown them that we can establish, reform and improve these businesses. I appreciate his effort and commitment to developing this community.”

The launch of the website attracted people from all sectors of the industry and many in attendance appreciated Shashi Thete for launching their website while delivering smart innovations.

Sherry J. Basler