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Skin Care Recommender System – Give Your Website an ML-Powered Expert with MoogleLabs

MoogleLabs’ latest contribution to the tech world includes a personalized skincare suggestion tool. Designed specifically for the beauty industry, the software gives users the space to catalog information about their skin texture and concerns before getting ingredient recommendations for best results.

The AI/ML team at MoogleLabs completed the project in July 2022 by extracting user reviews of various skincare products from the official Sephora website and using the data as the basis for their research.

To create the recommender system, the team first extracted all relevant data and then performed sentiment analysis on it. When people mention their skin’s texture, color, and concerns in their profile information on Sephora, they’ve been able to use that information to get a detailed analysis of the impact of specific products and ingredients on their skin.

To determine the potent elements of the products, the CSV file also accumulated information about the different ingredients available in each product. Additionally, they have also incorporated credible data on the multiple ingredients, their ratings, their ability to solve specific problems, and other details.

Turning data into insights using machine learning has resulted in a recommender system that can take user feedback on their skin and then suggest the most effective ingredient. Here, the recommendations stop at the ingredients, the system not recommending any product.

The usefulness of the recommender system does not end with the beauty industry. The recommender system is a scalable solution that can change according to customer needs. The same solution can be applied to make other recommendations, like new book suggestions for readers based on their previous preferences.

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