Proshare Rebrands, Launches New Website and Commits to Delivering Greater Value to Subscribers and Customers

Proshare Rebrands, Launches New Website and Commits to Delivering Greater Value to Subscribers and Customers
Proshare unveiled its new brand identity, domain name and website. The organization pointed out that over the past 15 years it has evolved from a news and data analysis portal to a comprehensive professional research and information service; recognized as a standard bearer and credible source in the Nigerian financial, business and economic landscape.
The new Proshare logo, a skeuomorphic design combining a flat text image affirms its simplicity, while a 1bith orange dot leverages its old identity, signifying the “end of the search” for thoughtful ideas to guide decision-making intelligent by the stakeholders.
The new corporate identity further illustrates Proshare’s independent, inventive, bold, simple and distinguished character.
It noted in a statement that “commitment to the vision, reinforced by feedback from critical stakeholders, inspired a transition program in 2019 that resulted in changes to its processes, platforms, products and people.
“These interventions led to a redefinition of its services and corporate identity to better embody the vision, as part of a gradual transition to an AI/ML-enabled platform.”
Speaking about the rebranding and moving to a new home, Proshare Chairman, Mr. Olufemi Awoyemi said, “We have always embraced internal change and evolved by thinking and anticipating market actions. since our beginnings in 2006.
“We have done this with and through consultations, and learning from engagements with committed stakeholders for a better market. This change in corporate identity serves to energize the company towards a culture of renewing, redefining and reintroducing our service to the market. It points the way to the new value our customers, subscribers and partners are looking for and need. »
Commenting on the rebranding, Proshare Managing Director Grace Adejare-Ajuwon said, “The new brand identity projects our core values ​​which include professionalism, resilience, excellence, diversity and inclusion, ‘Innovation, Credibility, Consistency and Speed ​​(PREDICT)’.
Speaking further, Adejare-Ajuwon said that “Proshare remains committed to delivering fit-for-purpose interventions that deliver value to clients and subscribers following the recalibration of its service offerings into five key professional practice buckets, to to know ; Digital media, stakeholder relations, impact research, market intelligence and strategic consulting. »
Further explaining the renowned platform, the statement added, “To take its service delivery to the next level, in alignment with existing and emerging technologies such as big data, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI ) and machine learning (ML), among others; the company has engaged local and international experts, working with Bluebooks Technology (BBT), Canada as development partners to ensure that it conforms not only to current trends and standards, but also to future technology in its transition to an institution of professional best practices. Building on the foundations of the envisioned change, Proshare today launched the transition with a new corporate identity and a new website domiciled at a new domain
Talking more about the benefits and features of the platform, Reshu BAGGA, Chief Technology Officer, Proshare explained that “Filters for different asset classes will be upgraded, arrangements will be made for subscribers to receive alerts on their watchlist securities, and more economic indicators with analysis will be integrated, including technical analysis for listed companies. Most importantly, the goal is to develop a digital platform that puts the user in control of the information needed to win in an ever-changing, complex and dynamic marketplace.

Sherry J. Basler