Power Factors launches unified brand and updated website

Industry-Leading Power Factors Announces Refreshed Brand and Website Following Successful Presence at RE+ Conference in Anaheim, CA

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., October 4, 2022 – San Francisco-based Power Factors is pleased to announce its refreshed brand, including a new logo, visual identity and website. After a series of strategic acquisitions over the past two years, including Inaccess in 2022 and Greenbyte and 3 megawatts in 2021, the unified brand announces the successful union of four leading renewable energy software and hardware providers into one unified enterprise.

“We are on a very intentional path, with a clear vision to accelerate the renewable future,” said Gary Meyers, CEO of Power Factors. “The launch of the new Power Factors brand means we can truly present a unified company to the world. As we grow, we have a solid, integrated foundation to build on, made possible by some of the world’s most talented renewable energy experts.

Power Factors’ recent presence at September’s RE+ conference in Anaheim, California was the first global preview of the unified brand. The updated logo, graphics, color scheme and visuals communicated a dynamic and unified company committed to a sustainable future powered by renewable energy. RE+ also served as the last public appearance at an event for Inaccess as a company before merging into the newly unified Power Factors brand.

Along with the new brand, Power Factors is pleased to announce the launch of its updated website at www.powerfactors.com. The refresh aligns the website with the company’s updated visual identity and showcases its full suite of products – products specifically designed to empower the people who power the world.

“This updated site is the result of months of planning, with diligent and creative collaboration between teams,” said Edmée Kelsey, Marketing Director at Power Factors. “We are excited to showcase our new brand on our new site, communicating what we will be able to do and offer as combined power factors in the future.”

The Power Factors brand refresh project will continue to evolve over the coming months, with more exciting changes to come.

About Power Factors
Power Factors develops software that accelerates the global energy transition by enabling all renewable energy players to collaborate, automate critical workflows and make the best decisions. Power Factors fights climate change with code.

Power Factors has integrated its four flagship solutions Drive, Greenbyte, BluePoint and Unity to create an integrated suite of open and intelligent applications. These applications are specially designed for asset management, field service optimization and performance optimization. By leveraging domain expertise and advanced machine learning-based analytics within these applications, customers can maximize the value of their renewable assets to stay competitive.

Power Factors’ renewable energy software platform is one of the largest and most widely deployed solutions on the market with nearly 200 GW of wind, solar, hydro and energy storage assets managed in the whole world.

To learn more, visit www.powerfactors.com.

Sherry J. Basler