New version of Intellimize simplifies website customization for brands

Marketing’s smartest no-code personalization and website optimization company empowers brands to turn high-end marketing into revenue.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Intellimize, marketing’s smartest dynamic personalization and website conversion platform, today unveiled a new set of features that allow any brand owner to dramatically improve their ROI. advertising (ROAS) by instantly personalizing personalized website experiences.

Ensuring no advertising dollars are wasted, the new Intellimize personalization feature set continues to empower all marketers to maximize every engagement on their most important customer touchpoint: their website.

Brands will spend nearly $441 billion on digital advertising this year and still have 98% of their hard-earned website visitors not converting into customers. Intellimize solves this problem.

“The biggest wasted opportunity in marketing today is low-converting websites. As budgets tighten in the wake of the economy, it will be critical to make your advertising spend as efficient as possible,” said said CEO and co-founder, Guy Yalif. “This latest release makes it even easier for brands and digital marketers to generate growth that turns into revenue.”

Based on the belief that every customer is unique, the new no-code personalization feature set includes:

  • A no-code visual website editor, which allows brands to instantly customize titles, CTAs, images or copy for each web visitor without the need for a web developer or growth team
  • A no-code audience builder, which allows brands to instantly personalize every web experience for every customer segment.

These two new features allow brands to optimize their digital advertising spend by creating a consistent experience between advertising and the website for the customer.

The Intellimize Platform makes dynamic website personalization and optimization smarter and faster to turn more browsers into buyers. Unlike other AI-based personalization competitors, Intellimize doesn’t need to learn from first- or third-party data to work, and most clients can be up and running within a day.

“When you’re in conversational marketing, you solve customer problems in real time. Our marketing and personalization efforts need to be just as fast and flexible,” said Justin Keller, VP Revenue Marketing at Drift. “With Intellimize, we can instantly test and run the most impactful personalized experiences – putting full control back into marketing and increasing our demo request conversions by +129%.”

Find more information about Intellimize’s new feature set here.

About Intellimize

Intellimize enables businesses to get more out of their website by converting more of their traffic into results that matter to them, like revenue, subscriptions, leads, and more. Our Continuous Conversion™ platform drives high conversion by using machine learning and creative insights from marketers to optimize the website experience for every unique visitor every time. Conversion-obsessed marketers at Okta, Sumo Logic, Gong, Tableau, Dermalogica, Sunbasket, Drift and more are using Intellimize to generate more revenue, more customers and more leads. We have our head office at San Mateo, California and are backed by leading investors including Cobalt Capital, Addition, Amplify Partners, Homebrew and Precursor Ventures. Learn more about the Intellimize website or follow us on LinkedIn, TwitterWhere Facebook.

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