Meet Dorik, a Sylheti startup that can help you build a website in minutes

Meet Dorik, a Sylheti startup that can help you build a website in minutes.


Meet Dorik, a Sylheti startup that can help you build a website in minutes

Meet Dorik, a Sylheti startup that can help you build a website in minutes.

Dorik, a Sylhet-based startup, recently launched its white-label website builder platform and raised pre-seed funds from US-based investors, according to the COO of Dorik, Nabil Choudhury.

Dorik is flexible, easy to use, and one of the most affordable website building platforms. It allows anyone to build a working website in minutes without any design or coding experience. The platform helps agencies and professionals create websites for their clients with no coding required. It also offers a wide range of features and designs that can be customized to meet every customer’s needs. Moreover, users can customize the platform with their logo and color scheme.

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Dorik’s COO Nabil Choudhury expressed his views on his company’s role as a website building platform: “Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to create a stunning website by minutes without learning complex platforms like Webflow. Combining flexibility, ease of use and affordability is our mission.”

Dorik was started by Mizanur Rahman and Anwar Hussain in 2019 as a side project. The platform launched publicly in August 2020. Prior to launching Dorik, they were elite writers at Envato Marketplace, creating website templates. But users wanted them to create a website builder for their templates. Thus, the idea of ​​Dorik was born.

Initially, the founders studied the market. One of the key findings they found was that most website building platforms were either easy to use but inflexible, or flexible but difficult to learn. So, they wanted to build something halfway, building Dorik – a platform that was both easy to use and very flexible in terms of user needs.

Dorik assembled a team of talented designers and developers and set to work creating the next version of Dorik. They kept adding new features and making Dorik even more powerful and user-friendly. In 2022, they released their biggest update yet – a white label website builder platform.

Dorik also allows users to create dynamic blogs, job boards, portfolios and directories without touching a line of code. Dorik has built-in features such as membership, team collaboration, and native SEO to build content-rich websites, as well as providing reliable AWS hosting and a global CDN to serve the websites faster. Dorik aims to provide agencies and professionals with no-code solutions that will allow them to take their business to the next level.

At present, the company employs 45 people, mostly working from its headquarters in Sylhet, while a few employees are connected remotely from Dhaka and Chattogram. Since its inception, it has grown rapidly globally, having served over 25,000 customers worldwide.

Sherry J. Basler