Marvel’s Website Suggests ‘Hawkeye’ Will Return For Season 2

Although Marvel hasn’t made any official indication one way or the other, it seems that Hawk Eye could become one of the few MCU Disney+ series to return for a second streaming run.

Although unconfirmed, this information comes from one of Marvel’s own websites: their For your consideration center used to promote their series to members of the TV Academy for voting at the Emmy Awards. Previously, Hawk Eye was listed as Considerable in the Best Limited Series category. Now, it’s featured as a qualifier in the “Outstanding Comedy Series” category, as well as other related categories.

The change could end up being nothing – or it could indicate that Marvel no longer considers Hawk Eye a unique (and therefore “limited”) series. If Marvel plans more Hawk Eye episodes, then it would no longer be considered a limited series and would have to compete for Outstanding Comedy Series.

So far, Marvel has produced six series on Disney+. Of those six, only two have been confirmed to return for second seasons: Loki and the animated anthology What if…? The others seem pretty conclusive at the moment, at least on TV. Wanda VisionThe events of continued (and possibly concluded) in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessand The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will apparently continue in a new Captain America movie starring Anthony Mackie.

As for Hawk Eye, the show ended with several cliffhangers still hanging in the balance, including the fate of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin and the status of new vigilante Echo – though his story will continue in his own Marvel Disney+ series which recently entered. in production in Atlanta. As for its two main characters, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), there were no major unsolved mysteries. But if the ratings on Disney+ were strong enough, the two characters could easily pick up where the show left off, with a new team-up adventure.

While we await official word on Hawk Eye‘s future, the next Marvel Disney+ series, Ms. Marvelpremieres June 8.

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