Looking for the right machine learning course? Here are 10 questions answered

Nearly 87% of businesses in India are expected to increase their annual spending on artificial intelligence (AI) by more than 10% over the next three years, according to a recent report by Bain & Company in collaboration with Microsoft. Most industries working with large amounts of data have recognized the value of machine learning technology in simplifying their work and increasing their efficiency. Hence the demand for technology-savvy professionals.

While the concepts of AI and ML are related to IT, its functionality extends to all fields. If you are considering pursuing a career in machine learning, here are some important questions you will answer:

Q: Who can I take a machine learning course? Are there defined eligibility criteria?

Answer – Anyone with the appropriate prerequisites in programming and math can take ML courses. There are no such eligibility criteria defined. While for certificate courses there may be set of minimum eligibility criteria which may include prior study of mathematics and programming languages.

Q: What is the difference between ML and AI programs?

Ans-ML is more data science oriented and AI is more strategy oriented. As ML is used mostly in big data applications while AI is used in applications like robotics.

Q: What is the course structure for machine learning-focused programs?

Ans- Typical course structure includes Python programming, linear algebra, probability, and statistics, machine learning basics and advanced machine learning topics.

Q: Can a business or humanities student pursue machine learning after class 12?

Answer- Not preferred. They can pursue it as a useful tool for decision-making. There are courses like AI for Managers etc. suitable for business or management graduates.

Q: How relevant are online ML courses?

Online machine learning courses are more relevant in the context of professional development and capacity building. They will be more useful for those who are already employed.

Q: What is the difference between the Crash ML course available online and the certificate courses offered by IITs?

Ans-ML crash courses available online are not very elaborate and come in chunks with weak assessment strategies. Whereas the certificate courses offered by IITs are well-planned, well-structured and properly assessed, which can be put into practice.

Q: What career opportunities are available for this program?

Rep- The course offers a wide range of career opportunities for ML/AI specialists such as data scientist, ML engineer, natural language processing (NLP) scientist, BI developer, etc.

Q: What is the average salary of candidates taking this program?

Years- The average salary varies by industry. In start-ups, it’s a little less, but the work is difficult. Whereas, in banking and other sectors, the package is more. The average salary is around 12 lakh per year.

Q: Who earns more: a data scientist or an AI-ML expert?

Years- Both, depending on employer profile

(Questions were answered by Sriniwas KG, HOD-Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Department, IIIT Naya Raipur)

Sherry J. Basler