‘IUST has been focused on promoting machine learning, AI and disruptive technologies’

Great Cashmere: What changes are planned for the overall development of IUST?

Professor Romshoo:
I have been here for eight or nine months and I have established certain priorities. We want to promote education in areas that are contemporary and extremely important to us in all aspects, such as employment prospectus and knowledge generation. My concern is to generate and solve some of the societal problems through courses such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, renewable energy, climate change, sustainability and disruptive technologies. Our goal is to establish a Skill College which will provide training to nearly 6,000 people in Kashmir. They will be qualified in trades and techniques which will offer them employment opportunities. Skill College will offer 36 courses. We plan to start university this school year only.

The problem with the Indian education system, let alone Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, is that postgraduate and graduate students are not employable. They do not have the necessary skills to access jobs. So, we’re getting a makeover. The mandate of the NEP is to make students employable and competent so that the employment rate which is 27% can be reduced.

We have established a program here in which we want to attract young people to contribute to research and the generation of knowledge and help us solve some of the major problems concerning the environment, disaster management, horticulture, agriculture, and much more.

Sherry J. Basler