Ingenii partners with DeepScience to fight climate change with quantum computing

NEW YORK, July 7, 2022 — Ingenii Inc., a quantum data analytics platform, has partnered with DeepScience Ltd. to combat climate change. DeepScience is a multi-solution company providing a quantum computing platform connecting CO2 collection companies with funders and customers.

“Quantum computing has the potential to transform the way we model natural systems,” said Christine Johnson, CEO of Ingenii Inc. “Our goal is to put this technology in the hands of people like Dahl Winters, who are making the big impact work, as quickly as possible.

“Addressing climate change with the necessary level of global coordination for rapid progress cannot be achieved by thousands of disconnected companies with isolated carbon accounting and management platforms.” said Dahl Winters, chairman and CEO of DeepScience Ltd. Classic IT can’t reduce it in terms of efficiency as we move forward with scaling our Quantum Global Optimizer platform. Ingenii is therefore an essential partner for the future success of our company.

About Ingenii

Ingenii is a data analytics and engineering platform designed to deliver quantum algorithms specific to life sciences, environmental research, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, without the need for quantum development. The Company’s platform provides the opportunity to accelerate the adoption of quantum technologies into a conventional commercial technology stack. Integration with leading quantum software and service providers Ingenii offers a full suite of quantum resources in its development environment, providing businesses with a quantum data ecosystem with a streamlined interface. For more information, visit

Source: Ingenii, DeepScience

Sherry J. Basler