How to use the Pimeyes website to find similar face images

  • PimEyes offers a paid and free service that finds photos of a person on the Internet.
  • The company uses AI and reverse image search technology.
  • The real founder of PimEyes chooses to remain anonymous.

A facial recognition tool, PimEyes makes it easy to find photos of people on the Internet. The company has integrated facial recognition technology into a search engine as well as reverse image search technology to analyze and find similar images.

The PimEyes was designed in 2017 and its new owner is Giorgi Gobronidze as the original founder wished to remain anonymous. Gobronidze is a 34-year-old academic with an interest in high technology. He tends to believe that PimEyes can be a promising tool that will help people keep an eye on their online reputation.

It takes PimEyes seconds to get results. According
New York Times, they used PimEyes on a dozen reporters with their consent and it found photos of all the same reporters they had never seen. Results from journalists wearing sunglasses and masks are also 100% correct.

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PimEyes also found a photo of a girl crying after being proposed to her. The photographer used his photo to advertise his business on Yelp.

Unlike Clearview AI, PimEyes does not include images from social media, but instead uses news, articles, review sites, blogs, and porn sites.

How to find all your photos on the internet with PimEyes?

According to the company, PimEyes is a versatile tool that uses the latest technologies, machine learning, reverse image search and artificial intelligence to find images on the Internet.

To use it, open the
PimEyes website and you will see a search section with an “Upload photo” option. Click the camera icon to upload an image, once uploaded click search. The search process will take a few seconds as it uses blogs, news, business websites and more before showing results.

Note that the service is not totally free. In order to get a deeper insight into research, you should subscribe by choosing between monthly and yearly subscription plans starting at $29.99. As a subscriber, you can refine the search using filters. Moreover, you will have access to image sources and share results using URLs.

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