How to address the three pillars of sustainability on your hotel website

Travel has come back with a bang, and it’s now important to recognize how much traveler behavior and priorities have changed. One key area clearly emerged in the lead: sustainability. One in three potential customers find out about a hotel’s environmental policy before their stay, and almost 75% are more likely Choose a hosting option that implements sustainability practices.

As a hotel, there are three pillars of sustainability that can be incorporated into practices and offerings, as well as communicated to potential guests. Let’s take a closer look at what it really means to be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable, and how to effectively communicate your actions through strategies and personalized messages on your hotel website.

1. Environmental sustainability

A clear benefit of this pillar of sustainability is that it benefits the environment and has a positive impact on nature. It’s also a win-win for hotels and their customers. As Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam Americanbenefiting from the eco-label green key and by communicating on your website, reassure your customers that by staying in your hotel they are helping to make a difference on the environmental level. green globe, Earth checkand Green tourism are other international labels that will help give guests eco-responsible peace of mind for their stay.

A simple message on the hotel’s website, like a Layer offering free bicycle rental at your hotel, will certainly attract the attention of the visitor. From a guest perspective, they benefit from an adventurous (and free!) way to explore a new destination, and hotels have yet another benefit to offer potential guests, while reducing the impact of visitors on the region.

Message featuring free eco-friendly transportation offered to incentivize direct booking — Photo by The Hotels NetworkMessage featuring free eco-friendly transportation offered to incentivize direct booking — Photo by The Hotels Network
Message featuring free eco-friendly transportation offered to incentivize direct booking — Photo by The Hotels Network

2. Social sustainability

Working with your employees, customers, suppliers and the local community is key to establishing the social sustainability of your hotel. Becoming an integral part of your destination by contributing to the region’s improvement effort will have a positive impact on both your surroundings and the relationship you have with your community. Collaborating with local suppliers, investing in staff training and education, and organizing events with businesses based in your destination will help improve your brand reputation while supporting sustainable development.

Create compelling packages by partnering with local attractions and creatively showcase them seamlessly on your website with features like Smart Notes or Inliners to push users down the booking funnel. These messages will benefit both your hotel direct channel and local businesses. Offering guests exclusive activity rates will promote attractions and initiatives within your community, while giving users another reason to book directly on your hotel website.

Layer showcasing exclusive local offers across the hotel — Photo by The Hotels NetworkLayer showcasing exclusive local offers across the hotel — Photo by The Hotels Network
Layer showcasing exclusive local offers across the hotel — Photo by The Hotels Network

3. Economic sustainability

Putting economic sustainability on your radar will contribute to the long-term success of your hotel. Hotels can benefit from reduced costs combined with maximum efficiency, while improving the guest experience and creating a sense of connection between the establishment and the visitor. Improved technology and automated processes such as online check-in and digital chamber guest directories are sustainable practices within this pillar.

While face-to-face interactions will never be completely replaced, implementing new technologies can increase cost savings and help use resources more efficiently. And don’t forget to tell your guests! Telling users about your latest innovations that will enhance their stay will make them all the more eager to explore your website and make a reservation at your property.

Smart Note communicating hotel technology updates — Photo by The Hotels Network

If these examples help you understand how best to implement similar practices in your hotel and communicate them to your direct channel, you’re in luck. These ideas are just a start. Download our comprehensive guide to communicating your sustainability actions on your hotel website for more inspiration on how to connect with your community, make a positive impact and inspire your guests.

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