How is the beauty industry prioritizing online transparency?

As the industry continues to explore digital spaces, community-centric platforms that enable verification of cosmetics and skincare products in real time are proving to be the most popular.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but online consumer engagement has become a High priority for the beauty industry.

Anyone who has paid attention over the past decade will have noticed that many major beauty brands are rapidly focusing on online platforms, reinventing their consumer experiences with the digital world in mind.

Most are eager to test new immersive technologies, with some even going so far as to dip their toes into the Metaverse to keep Gen Z consumers engaged.

Some examples of these digital innovations include artificial intelligence, deep learning and augmented reality. All are well on their way to transforming the way we interact with cosmetics, fragrances and our skincare routines.

However, as brands evolve and change to keep pace, corporate transparency remains more vital than ever.

Aside from creative marketing strategies, consumers are now more aware of sourcing, ethics and sustainability. Most will likely be deterred by a lack of clarity about How? ‘Or’ What a business operates and will need assurance that what it buys aligns with its own personal values.

How to favor this openness in a space in constant evolution, hyper competitive and only online? Especially in an age of misinformation and data overload?

Jenny Qian is the founder and CEO of NOVELTY, a community-centric platform designed exclusively for beauty obsessives that encourages conversation about business practices and sustainable sourcing. She thinks her platform can provide the solution.

“NEWNESS is an ongoing conversation about beauty, and that conversation is open to everyone — like watching a movie or facing your friends,” she explains.

“It helps with authenticity because if your community supports you, it would be terrible to promote products you don’t necessarily like.” It deepens that trust.

Sherry J. Basler