Google launches website to help you prepare for job interviews

Google continually updates its tools to provide up-to-date technology to its customers. Now in a latest development, the search engine giant has launched a new Warm-up interview website that will help people prepare for their job interview.

The tech company uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to guide candidates in the right direction so they can land a job.

The tool invites candidates to showcase their skills and gain confidence by gaining insight into job-related questions and their answers. The tool was originally designed to help Google Career Certificate learn and is now open to anyone looking for a job.

The function is part of Expand Google.

“A quick way to prepare for your next interview in data analysis, project management, UX design, e-commerce. Practice key questions, get insights into your answers, and become more comfortable interviewing.

How it works?
Once you click on the “Start Practicing” button on the website, you will be redirected to a new page with different job fields. Choose the career of your choice.

Once you have chosen an area, you will be given the opportunity to answer five interview questions. Once you’re done, you can review your answers and discover ideas.

You also have the option to view all questions at once.

The questions asked cover the context, the situation and the technique, with voice synthesis being used throughout the experience.


Sherry J. Basler