Google Chrome will soon block annoying website pop-ups using AI

The notifications we receive when we browse are something annoying. Google Chrome has taken note of this as they will work to reduce the presence of these notifications, which they will do using artificial intelligence. In this way, it is expected that there will be fewer of these annoying notifications when we are browsing.

Google Chrome will use AI to block notifications

Most of these notifications come when a web page wants us to grant permission, permissions that in many cases we don’t want to grant. The browser is now trying to reduce its presence.

New feature

Google Chrome will use machine learning to predict where we are unlikely to grant such permissions. In this way, when this situation occurs, that we are not going to give this permission to the web, the browser will mute them, so that this notification will not leave us when we visit this web page in question.

This is something that will run entirely in the browser and no data will be sent to the company. This is confirmed by Google, due to privacy concerns that have arisen with news of this feature in the browser.

Google Chrome has long relied on artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a better browsing experience. We will now have to see if this new feature is really effective or not. This is something that will be introduced in the next version of the browser, as confirmed by Google. They are now testing with this technology.

Sherry J. Basler