Google Chrome will soon automatically block annoying pop-ups from the website

Chrome has the largest desktop market share of any browser, so it makes sense that Google continues to add new features to add more value to its users, allowing it to retain existing customers while attracting new ones. again. It has now announced that it will soon introduce a new feature in Chrome that will automatically block annoying website prompts.

In a blog post, Google pointed out that the next version of Chrome will feature a machine learning model that will autonomously block permission prompts and notifications from websites. This decision will be made based on your historical pattern of interactivity with similar websites. For example, if you generally deny location permissions to websites, Chrome will automatically deny those on your behalf to new websites you also visit and won’t even show you any prompts.

The idea behind this feature is to ensure you have an uninterrupted experience while browsing websites. Google emphasized that machine learning predictions will occur entirely on your device and no data will be sent to the company.

Although Google hasn’t explicitly mentioned it, the “next release of Chrome” likely refers to Chrome 103 which will enter the Stable channel on June 21.

Another feature coming to Chrome in future releases is using machine learning to rearrange your Chrome toolbar buttons. For example, depending on various factors such as the website visited and the time of day, the microphone icon on the front of the toolbar or the share button may appear. You would still have the option to manually arrange the buttons.

The company also highlighted the success of other machine learning models in Chrome. These include the Safe Browsing initiative which automatically detects and blocks the opening of malicious websites, and Journeys, which is essentially a browsing history enhancement which allows you to trace your online activity.

Sherry J. Basler