Firefox 104: Analyze website power consumption and UI throttling

@Tom Hawack

> users who don’t want to upgrade from Win7 to 10/11 may well not be motivated by fear but by arguments that take into account the enormity of Win10/11’s problems and invasion of privacy

I fully understand this and fully acknowledge that the Windows 7 operating system contained at least more freedom of use compared to later versions, there is more control over updates etc. I understand why some people stay on this OS. But what I find funny is the sentimental nature of how users cling to the Windows 7 operating system as a form of freedom from the newer, more life-invading versions of Windows 10/11. private and less free. If you want true freedom, what you really need to do is just get a USB stick and install a good Linux distro on it that respects privacy and freedom, and doesn’t even require a license fee to use it as on Windows.

I just don’t understand why people stay on Windows 7, that’s why I don’t care about people stuck on Windows 7, not taking the logical step of switching to Linux operating systems like POP OS, Mint, Fedora , Debian, etc and many others that have simple GUI mechanisms and installation instructions, are updated, fixed and maintained, and contain excellent software package managers.

Why stay on Windows when better options exist?

Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of operating systems should know that Windows is looking more and more like a CHIP to CLOUD OS which is why there is a push for online accounts in their OS with every release , they’ve already released the pluto chip built into some newer CPU models that supposedly plug into Windows 0S containing network capability outside of the OS that’s supposed to be related to Windows updates. No privacy toggle for this chip on the OS I imagine.

M$ doesn’t just want to control their operating system, it seems they also want to control the hardware, to make it harder for people to say no to their absolute BS! It’s about greed, they say the Pluto chip is about security, but it seems they want more and more power over the hardware and make it harder to install alternative operating systems.

> Neither you nor Iron Heart are looking for allies
> Another common point is the length of your comments

Always fun to have an argument with Iron Heart. I think he likes talking as much as I do. We don’t agree on much, but at least we have something to say and engage in deep thinking and not just posting a sentence or two all the time. lol.


> Not only does Google have the best browser, but they generously offer the source code for free.

your sentence must be corrected.

Not only does Google have the worst browser imaginable, but it generously offers its chrome codebase snippets for free, so other browser developers can jump on board and create a chrome monopoly where Google’s codebase literally dominates the web and entertains all kinds of new ideas for the web. direction.

Manifesto V3? Federated learning of FLoC cohorts? The subjects? And then ?

Yes, Mozilla doesn’t offer much philosophical resistance to Google’s ideas, but at least it offers a different browser engine for now. lol.

> Remember that Google is an advertising company, not a browsing company, unlike Mozilla. How embarrassing for Mozilla to be beaten at its own game.

Why use a browser (chrome) or browser codebase (chrome) developed and maintained by the most powerful ad-tech company ever?

I doubt people just decide to use Google Chrome browser, it’s almost like the decision is already made for them because Chrome or Edge is installed by default on mainstream operating systems and especially Android by DEFAULT .

Google’s search ads are Google’s biggest revenue generator. In 2021, they are said to have made something like over 150 billion. Google’s size and control literally make it impossible for anyone to compete with the company’s ad tech business.

The money Google gives Mozilla is literally nothing compared to what they can earn in a year. Lol. How on earth do you expect Mozilla, which is a browser development company, to compete with possibly the biggest ad tech company of all time?

Mozilla’s market share is not so much that it has lost popularity, it’s more like Chrome is installed by default on Android and smartphones are so popular now.

I think people should embrace the desktop computing experience more often and not be so dependent on smartphones.

Smartphones are turning society into a kind of technological digital prison. Too many cameras and microphones.

Sherry J. Basler