DevOps Institute presents a new educational website

DevOps Institute, the learning community that empowers those working in DevOps to advance career development and skills enhancement for business transformation by offering resources, guidance and subject matter experts, announced today SKILup IT Learning, a subscription-based online training website.

SKILup IT Learning is a self-directed learning platform that focuses entirely on DevOps and digital transformation.

Users have the choice of SKILup IT Learning+, an upgraded paid subscription that includes an expanding portfolio of certification prep video training courses; SKILup IT Learning, the regular paid subscription; or free community membership for limited access.

“SKILup IT Learning is the one-stop destination for IT professionals for continuous learning on topics relevant to DevOps and digital transformation,” said Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute. “The findings of the 2022 IT Skills Enhancement Report provide clear evidence that improving IT resources and skills shortages are a major issue for organizations and individuals. SKILup IT Learning offers a unique solution to this huge challenge by providing hands-on training from recognized thought leaders.

According to the company, SKILup IT Learning offers subscribers of any skill level access to targeted content, hands-on training, and a wide range of knowledge not readily available on other learning platforms.

Additionally, the learning website helps subscribers distill and navigate training and education around modern and trending DevOps skills and topics.

SKILup IT Learning also relies on SKILup Discussions, an interactive chat platform that offers topical channels to discuss, share, ask questions and network with other SKILup IT Learning subscribers, industry thought leaders and members. from the community.

To learn more about plan options, visit website.

Sherry J. Basler