Last weekend’s game against Braintree Town saw Kristian Campbell feature in our schedule for the day. For those who missed it, here is the full article:

Talking with Kristian Campbell is always a pleasure. The versatile defender always has time for a quick word and appears both humble and graceful.

After arriving during the team’s former manager incarnation, Kristian has remained at Bericote Powerhouse Princes Park and is a vital cog in Alan Dowson’s Dartford machine. He’s settled here and is happy to play any position he needs to help the team.

Most comfortable at left-back, this technically gifted player can also showcase his talents on the wings, where he terrorizes the opposition at every opportunity. As long as Kristian can, “…play as many games as possible, participate with some goals and assists…” He will be happy.

And, of course, there’s also the rather minor matter of challenging the National League on his mind… “I would also like to get a promotion while I’m here. This is and has always been my personal goal.

This is just one of the reasons why Kristian decided to stay at the club, “I have always loved coming to play at Dartford. The floor, the fans, the whole setup. I like it and enjoy my time here. I’ve been in on/off talks over the years to sign, and I was so excited to finally do it earlier in the year this time around.

With his signing drying up on a contract made at the start of the offseason, Kristian was able to focus on another important topic in his life, his young family. “We couldn’t go this year due to work commitments, so I was able to have a lot of free time with Mrs and our little one before she (the little one) started nursery for the first time. C was really good.”

His young family became regular visitors to Dartford fixtures during this campaign, especially his fiancée Weronica… “I would say she is my inspiration. We’ve been together for six years now and she’s only missed a handful of matches! Also, our 3 year old daughter. She always wishes me good luck and encourages me when she comes to the games.

As we have now touched on the subject, where did Kristian’s journey into the beautiful game begin? “To be honest, I was drawn to the sport from an early age. It all started when I was around four years old, and I’ve been involved ever since.

And, unlike some budding young footballers, he played for a Sunday league team before being placed in an academy… “Yeah, I never really went to an academy when I was younger. I started at Addiscombe Corinthians, a local Sunday team, then went to Bromley FC Academy.

He keeps on, “…It was my first taste of full-time Academy football and from there I realized anything was possible in the sport, so I always wanted to carry on from there. .”

Here are some football trivia for those of you who like fun facts… Kristian didn’t really start his life as a defender… “That’s right. I actually started as a senior goalkeeper at Bromley FC Academy! But, as his game developed, he ventured between the sticks and found that a more outside position suited him better and, the rest as they say, is story !

This story has seen him play for Dulwich Hamlet, Merstham, Tonbridge Angels, Welling United, Eastbourne Borough and, of course, the Darts. And, at 28, he still has a few years left in the baccalaureate. What are its ambitions?

“I’ve played in every league, from Kent County Division 2 when I was 17 to the National League. I always wanted to go further and play in the league (EFL) and play at Wembley.

Meanwhile, there’s the rather big question of this season’s National League South campaign to focus on. And, this extremely superstitious player, who also confesses his love for playing the piano and learning new languages, has no intention of upsetting the current trend of winning games… “I am very superstitious. I like to do things the same way, like getting up at the same time, eating the same foods, leaving at a certain time. I put my things in my locker room and I never drink milk on game day either. All of this probably means nothing, but I still like to stick to it!

Whatever he and his teammates are doing behind the scenes is certainly proving effective if the current form on the pitch is to be believed! So I would say don’t change anything…! And, on that note, I’ll let Kristian have the last word…

“It’s a long season. There will be many ups and downs, but keep supporting us and we’ll do our best to give you a successful season.

By Chris Palmer

Sherry J. Basler