3 Ways To Make Money With An Essay Writer

A question I occasionally get asked is how can one make money hiring an essay writer. Many businesses hire professional essay writers to create articles, blog posts and reports as it saves time. But if you want to hire a essay writer to help you make money quickly here are 3 ways:

3 Ways To Make Money With An Essay Writer

1. Selling PLR Articles

Find a market that has a need for good PLR articles and offer a set of twenty 500 word articles for $20. You can limit the sets to 50. If you sell 50 then that’s $1,000 you’ve made.

Hiring a professional essay writer that can produce 20 quality articles will cost around $400 – $500. This means that you can easily make a $500 profit every time you do this.

2. Giving Away Free Reports

Ask the freelancer to create an information report in 2 parts which you will give away to prospects. These reports must contain good information in a niche so that the prospects will trust and like you.

Create a squeeze page which offers part 1 of the free report in exchange for the visitors’ email. Once the visitors download the ebook, give them rights to give away the report provided thatthe content is not altered.

Inside your report, you should have a page that asks the reader to visit another squeeze page to get part 2 of the report. When visitors submit their email to this squeeze page, they are shown a one time offer where they can get PLR rights to the reports anduse the same squeeze pages as their own to build their list.

You can sell this kind of offer for $27 easily.

What you’re doing is creating a list with part 1 of your free report. The readers can give away this report to anyone so you need to capture the names of the people they gave the report to. The second squeeze page will help capture these emails as well as helping you profit from the one time offer.

Using this model, you can use the essay writer to help you build a targeted list that is viral and make quick profits with the one time offer.

3. Create a Clickbank Product

This model is more straight forward and continues from the second model. Ask the essay writer to create an info product which you can sell in Clickbank. Make sure this ebook is related to the reports which you gave away.

The essay writer should also create the website and sales letter so that it is ready for submission to Clickbank. Once your ebook is on Clickbank, email your list and tell them about it. If they enjoyed reading your two reports they would purchase your ebook.

When the affiliates in Clickbank see that your ebook is selling quickly, they too would start to promote your ebook. Now you can just rest and watch the sales come in.

You can make money quickly by hiring a essay writer with the 3 models discussed above. You can also recover your costs fast. However, you need to hire a good writer that can deliver quality for you. It’s worth paying more than average if the professional writer is good at what they do since they’re the critical factor to your profits.

Hope I’ve got your brain buzzing with some of the ideas. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Essay Writing Secret Tricks

Essay Writing Secret Tricks

I often try to write phrases in my essay that say at the beginning of section three somewhere the main idea of this essay is this because I’ve had to explain some contexts and setup and background and I wanted to be absolutely clear. When I move from describing the context to saying here’s the payload like the virus is about to arrive in your brain prepare does that make sense all right if you don’t say that if you leave your reader to be a detective so that subsequently they have to reverse engineer what they think you meant was the key idea that’s not good right why not say it explicitly be completely upfront about this third thing.

Tell a story.

If you know how to write an essay and this applies, I’m focusing mainly on essays but I do also mean dissertations, and so forth everything applies to everything you like really is to tell some kind of a story I always try to imagine when I’m writing an essay, that I’m standing in front of a whiteboard and explaining it to a colleague.

It’s amazing how differently people will present things at a whiteboard than they will in essay like with a whiteboard they’ll start right away with examples, they’ll explain it quite differently than if they do they will not be out there well you get the idea they would they often explain it in much more accessible and engaging way at a whiteboard than in essay, so if you want to be accessible and engaging do the same thing in the essays you do it the whiteboard merely you need to have a bit more substance.

Here’s a narrative flow that I usually try to follow in my essays right you want to say here’s what the problem is you want to motivate your reader to say why it’s an interesting problem you want to say at least briefly why it’s an unsolved problem. It would be worth solving and it’s unsolved and then you want to present your idea that’s the payload right viruses arrive now all right and then you give quite a bit of detail about exactly how what your idea is and how it works then you want to say something about somehow. Your idea compares with other people so your kind of try to leave people in remember.

Not everybody will read like the way through your essay your ideal is that wherever anybody stops reading, they take away something valuable with them and moreover every bit they read makes them want to read more.


Hire an Assignment Writer – Should You Pay High Writing Fees?

Hire an Assignment Writer

A major problem when people hire the assignment writers is that they tend to go for the ones that charge the lowest fees. Reason being that they don’t want to spend too much on outsourcing. This makes sense, since entrepreneurs should save money in every possible way.

But is this a smart thing to do? Can you really justify paying triple the price for a professional assignment writers?

Let’s say for example, you hire a freelance writer for $200 to write a 20 page ebook and another one for $600 to write the same ebook. What benefits would you get for paying the extra $400?

Provided that the professional assignment writers actually deliver the quality promised, the ebook should be written in good English with no spelling or grammar mistakes. The information inside the essay would be in-depth and correct since the professional assignment writers have done his research.

On the other hand, the cheaper assignment writer would have also delivered the ebook but the style of writing may not be very captivating or interesting and the level of research would be very basic. Readers of the ebook may find that the content is far too simple for what they paid for.

If both ebooks was priced at $29 and each sold 1,000 copies, the first ebook that’s written by the more expensive ghost writer (ebook A), may get a 3% refund. That’s 30 copies refunded which translates into $870 returned.

Now if the ebook written by the cheaper assignment writer (ebook B), gets a refund rate of 6%, then that’s 60 copies of the ebook refunded which translates into $1,740.

By saving $400 because you wanted to hire a cheaper assignment writer, you will have lost $870 in refunds with this scenario. However, there’s more.

With the launch of your next $29 ebook, you can email and notify your existing customers. If customers from ebook A give you a 30% response, which translates into 300 customers, then you’ll have profited $8,700 effortlessly.

Now since the customers of ebook B were not completely overjoyed with your content, the response rate could be 20% which is still good. This translates into 200 customers which will give you a profit of $5,800.

With the above scenario, ebook A earned you $2,900 more in profits. If we add the refunds, then ebook A wil have earned you $3,860 more. The repeat sales is where it really hurts the business owner’s pockets if they took the route of hiring the cheaper assignment writer.

However, this is only a guess. There are other things which we need to factor in such as affiliates. If you sent a copy of your ebook for affiliates to review, the majority may want to promote it due to the quality of information your ebook has. This part of the scenario is very hard to guess with figures.

With the scenarios above, you can now see the real effects of hiring the assignment writers to write an essay. Paying for a cheaper essay writer may save you money initially, but that’s being very short sighted. However, there are some very good essay writer who charge cheaply for their services. They’re probably just starting out and want to get testimonials. They are very, very hard to find. If you find one, don’t let go of them.

A reply I normally give when I’m asked should someone pay for an expensive essay writer, is “it depends on what you want”. For example, if you want to look wealthy, attract attention, enjoy a comfortable ride then buy a Mercedes or BMW. If you want to save money and get a car just to get to places, then a normal car would do.

Same applies with an essay writer. What are you going to do with the essay writing content?



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