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The short film celebrating the original Hennessy VSOP cognac and its new eco-friendly decanter features a cameo from the singerperformer, artistic director, founder of TEAM WANG records & TEAM WANG design and Hennessy Ambassador Jackson Wang.

PARIS, September 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The House of Hennessy is proud to unveil a groundbreaking new campaign for Hennessy VSOP cognac featuring an original creation by the internationally acclaimed director Paolo Sorrentino. In an exciting twist, Jackson Wang – superstar performer and Hennessy ambassador – brings a surprise appearance to this engaging short.

An original Hennessy cognac, Hennessy VSOP – “Very Superior Old Pale” – was born from a special order by the Prince Regent, the future King George IV, in 1817 and set out to conquer the world. Now its timeless, forward-looking character is the subject of a disruptive campaign by the Oscar-winning Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino, which plunges headfirst into a multi-faceted world of joy, luxury and unexpected encounters. As viewers follow in the footsteps of eclectic characters – a seductive bellboy, a charismatic diva, a fascinating artist, a photographer, an elusive peacock – they are immersed in a unique and crazy visual environment that makes them “enter the show” and embrace the unexpected at every turn.

“There is a lightness in this film. We’re having fun and I hope the levity resonates with viewers, especially as we live in a time where levity has become essential,” said Paolo Sorrentino.

Produced in an original director’s cut format, “Enter the showexalts the Regency roots of Hennessy VSOP cognac as well as its vibrant current incarnation. Sparks fly as Hennessy VSOP moments follow one another in a series of visually striking chance encounters, in an atmosphere of rejoicing open to all.

A master at finding beauty in the unexpected, Paolo Sorrentino captures epic themes of serendipity and fulfilling encounters, suave sophistication and a new kind of celebration. Electrifying discovery games bring the spontaneity, excitement and versatility of Hennessy VSOP cognac to the screen.

With lush art direction and a touch of eclecticism, “Enter the Show” paints a rich, expressionistic picture, delivering the kinds of cross-currents and miniature storytelling that make by Paolo Sorrentino such remarkable feature films. The viewer is drawn into a glamorous and electric dream world, a place brimming with adventure and fascinating characters: around every corner is a party just waiting to be embraced. Tempers are on fire, anything can happen and refined luxury is a philosophy of life, in a romantic and cosmopolitan setting.

“Enter the show” also presents a new modernized design for the Hennessy VSOP carafe, with a contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic armed arms signature of the House of Hennessy as well as more environmentally friendly packaging designed as part of the initiative. LVMH Life 360.

The Hennessy VSOP campaign by Paolo Sorrentino and the eco-friendly carafe will debut exclusively in China. This relaunch will be followed by a global rollout featured on Hennessy social media worldwide from September 5. Other international markets will “enter the living room” and share #VSOPMoments throughout 2023.

Follow the launch of the Hennessy VSOP campaign by Paolo Sorrentino with the official hashtags #HennessyVSOP and #EnterTheShow

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Born in Naples in 1970, the screenwriter and director Paolo Sorrentino studied business and economics before deciding to pursue a career in film. His first feature film, The Uomo in Piùwas selected for the Venice Film Festival in 2001; In 2008 The Divo wins the Jury Prize at the Festival de walking sticks. In recent years, his films have won numerous international awards, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a Bafta Award for The Great Bellezza (2014); in 2022 he was nominated for a second Oscar, for God’s handwhich also won the Silver Lion at the 2021 Venice Film Festival.


Jackson Wang is a multi-talented Chinese superstar. He is a singer, performer, creative director, founder of TEAM WANG records & TEAM WANG design. The son of athletes, where he says he “grew up with the spirit of pursuing the extraordinary”. Today, this passion permeates his many forms of artistic expression, from sports to music and performance. For Jackson WangHennessy VSOP cognac represents “a world of the unexpected and serendipity, where you can be your own ‘MAGIC MAN’.”


A perfectly balanced universal blend, Hennessy VSOP cognac impresses as much today as on the day of its creation. In 2022, Maison Hennessy is proud to present its most versatile cognac in an elegant, eco-friendly format that has been carefully designed to reduce its carbon footprint while meeting Hennessy’s uncompromising standards.

Today’s eco-friendly Hennessy VSOP decanter is made from glass sourced from Cognac and northern Francewhile packaging improvements include the adoption of a wooden bottle cap, the use of uncoated labels made from recycled paper, and the production of gift boxes using uncoated paper from FSC-certified forests.

These measures have yielded concrete results, eliminating 51 tonnes of plastic from production and reducing the carbon footprint of Hennessy VSOP cognac by approximately 4%. Each of these steps is part of the LVMH Life 360 ​​initiative for social and environmental responsibility, an environmental performance roadmap that plans to remove all virgin plastics of fossil origin from packaging by 2026. 100% of new Hennessy products will be eco-designed by 2030.


Leader in Cognac, Maison Hennessy shines throughout the world with its exceptional know-how for more than 250 years. Built on the Founder by Richard Hennessy spirit of conquest, the brand is present in more than 160 countries. Located in the heart of the Charente, Hennessy is also an essential pillar of the regional economy. The House’s success and longevity are rooted in the excellence of its cognacs, each of which is born from a unique process of transmitting know-how from generation to generation. As the first spirits house to be ISO 14001 certified, Hennessy combines its capacity for innovation and the support of all its partners to protect this exceptional territory. Flagship of the LVMH group, Hennessy is a major player in French international trade, with 99% of production sold for export, and a global ambassador of the French art of living.



Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Kalchev

Artistic director: Mathieu Masse

Editor: Lucie Guidon

Digital Content Art Director: Perrine Tixier

TV Producer / Art Buyer: Quentin Moenne Loccoz

Strategy Director: Sébastien Genty

General director: Xavier Mendiola

Entrepreneur: Meryl Martin / Louise Riu

Account Manager: Marie Melet / Sabrina Safir

Post-production: Jérôme Deplatière

Print output: Jocya Mallet


Production: COLORS & Lupine Films

Producer: Julie Mathieu Moreau & Ricardo Neri

Executive producer: Guillaume le Gat

Director: Paolo Sorrentino

Cinematographer: Daria D’Antonio

Scenographer: Eugenie Di Napoli

Editor-in-chief: Cristiano Travaglioli

Editor: Sophie Queen

Post production: Everest

Sound production: LA

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Hennessy VSOP “Enter the Show” campaign by Paolo Sorrentino – BTS Paolo Sorrentino ©Hennessy
Hennessy VSOP “Enter the Show” campaign by Paolo Sorrentino ©Henness
Hennessy VSOP “Enter the Show” campaign by Paolo Sorrentino ©Hennessy
Jackson Wang for the Hennessy VSOP campaign
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