Career Path and Salary of a Machine Learning Engineer in USA

As data science and related technologies advance, the need for qualified machine learning engineers also increases. More and more companies are deciding to hire machine learning experts to improve their products and services. It is essential to collaborate with technology to develop and provide a unique service. Due to the exclusive nature of this field, machine learning engineers enjoy a high salary. There is also a good explanation for this. This requires a high level of specialized education, a well-developed skill set and a natural aptitude in the scientific field.

Who are Machine Learning Engineers and what is their role?

The field of data science encompasses much more than just one field. It uses programming but places more emphasis on an analytical method of approaching data. As such, the job of a data scientist is to sift through information to find insights that can be applied to a company’s operations. A data science team may include an engineer or a machine learning specialist. Modeling is at the heart of ML, and the models created can be used for a number of uses, including but not limited to product improvement.

Engineers skilled in machine learning can design an image recognition system capable of distinguishing different kinds of waste based on images, estimating future energy needs, anticipating product sales based on past trends and even predict the spread of an epidemic.

The ML engineer is a math and computer expert who is also well versed in the fundamentals of programming, probability, and statistics. As such, not everyone will have the ability to learn and use them.

How Much Does a Machine Learning Engineer Earn?

The salary of a machine learning engineer can be affected by factors such as company, position, and location. However, the most important factor is the years of practice. The number of zeros in the salary is defined by their experience and expertise in data science. Indeed, the value of an employee for the organization is directly linked to his level of knowledge. They are remunerated according to the value they create.

According to research by Payscale, machine learning engineers earn an average of $112,452 per year.

  • Entry level – A machine learning engineer with less than a year of experience earns an average salary of $93,867 (this does not include bonuses or other forms of compensation).
  • Entry-level career – The typical salary for a machine learning engineer with 1-4 years of experience is $111,870.
  • Mid-Career Level – With 5-7 years of experience, a Machine Learning Engineer earns an average salary of $141,720 or more.

Career path

The popularity of machine learning comes from the fact that it allows computers to learn independently, which reduces human involvement and increases their efficiency. As a result, Machine Learning offers a wide variety of in-demand and lucrative careers, such as Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Natural Language Processing (NLP), etc.

Many machine learning engineers usually switch from machine learning engineers to data scientists because it provides an individual with more career opportunities in the future. After gaining a good experience of 5-8 years, Machine Learning Engineers can also work as Senior Machine Learning Engineers or Data Scientists depending on their interests. After working as a data scientist and gaining good work experience, a person goes to work as a senior data scientist, data science manager, and data science manager depending on the level of experience increasing. Other career opportunities are NLP Scientist (where NLP stands for National Language Programming), Business Intelligence Developer, and Human-Centred Machine Learning Designer.

What skills are required for the Machine Learning Engineer role?

Professionals with expertise in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Deep Learning earn more than their peers. A company or engineer’s focus on a particular industry can dictate the skills required. What matters most, however, is what you do with it and how open you are to change and improvement. The most popular skills for machine learning engineers are data analysis, data modeling, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), R programming language, Python, Scala, artificial intelligence (AI), reinforcement learning and image processing.

Cities and companies that pay the most

Machine learning engineers in San Francisco, California make more money than their counterparts elsewhere in the United States. Salary levels in these fields are above the national median in New York and San Francisco, California. Cities like Santa Clara, Dallas, Austin, Bellevue, and Coldwater also pay the highest salaries compared to other cities.

The top companies that pay excellent machine learning engineer salaries in the US include Bayer, IBM, Ford Motor Company, eBay, Capital One, Tapjoy, Snap, General Assembly, Twitter, Airbnb, DoorDash, and DispatchHealth.

As companies put more effort into researching and manufacturing cutting-edge products, machine learning experts could see an increase in demand in the coming years. Moreover, investing in AI and other forms of technology that helps to move forward is a great strategy to grow the business and the career.

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