Build a website in minutes, no code needed

With access to themes, support and marketing features, and custom domains and subdomains, 1MinuteWeb Website Builder puts you in control of your website design and branding with no coding required.

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Whether you’re building a website for your business or perhaps for your personal brand, creating a site is easier than ever. And while you can learn to code to take full control of the web development process, it’s easier and potentially cheaper to trust a service like 1MinuteWeb Website Builder.

1MinuteWeb does all the heavy lifting to build a website, from coding to design, letting you simply choose the elements you want to use. Simply choose a theme, add your content, and connect your own custom domain at no additional cost.

Additionally, 1MinuteWeb gives you a variety of support options, like an FAQ section to answer all your visitors’ questions as well as app integrations with tools like Disqus, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and more. You can also use the built-in QR generator to streamline your marketing, connect with your audience with a newsletter feature, and create your own vCards from a collection of professionally created themes.

With a Lifetime Premium Membership, you’ll get a custom domain and subdomains, blogging and portfolio support, a wide range of plugins, and more.

Build your next website in minutes. For a limited time, you can get a lifetime subscription to 1MinuteWeb Website Builder for just $119, which is 88% off $999.

Pricing and availability are subject to change.

Sherry J. Basler