Breeders’ Cup Launches New Best-in-Class Website – Horse Racing News

Breeders’ Cup has launched a new and improved website at, strengthening the organization’s position as an industry leader in digital technology. With a complete visual overhaul, new horse competitor avatars, a multicast live stream player, a seamless ticketing experience, an intuitive site architecture, enhanced content streaming capabilities and a streamlined mobile experience, the new site demonstrates the Breeders’ Cup’s deep commitment to the fan experience.

Breeders’ Cup, in collaboration with Infront X, the award-winning provider of end-to-end digital solutions in sports, and enterprise content experience platform Contentstack, used a new front-end core technology foundation- trendsetting to significantly improve the user experience of the site. , allowing racing enthusiasts, ticket buyers and bettors to feel and learn more about the world-class experience of attending the Breeders’ Cup World Championships.

“Breeders’ Cup is always striving to give our fans the best experience they deserve, in-person and online, and our new and improved website allows us to do just that,” said Drew Fleming, President and CEO of Breeders. ‘ Cup. “We are grateful for the expertise of Infront X and Contentstack in helping us introduce our sport to the world, and we look forward to identifying additional ways we can work together to innovate, grow and reach new racing fans. and veterans.”

Joel Speier, Executive Chairman of Infront X, added, “Infront X is proud to work with organizations like Breeders’ Cup who continually strive to deliver unparalleled user experiences for their fans. The teamwork achieved with Breeders’ Cup, Contentstack and our Infront X staff is what makes a launch such as this a success, and we are excited to use this scalable and intuitive website as the foundation for the innovation in the future.

“Improving a digital experience isn’t just about rearranging assets on a page to reflect preferences,” said Conor Egan, vice president of product and engineering at Contentstack. “It also means giving content creators greater control, with standardized processes so there are fewer dependencies – resulting in better content, faster. This defines a modern digital experience that gives the customer what ‘he wants. “

The new site architecture has been designed to meet the needs of both seasoned racing fans and novice fans who come to the site to learn about elite thoroughbred horse racing and the Breeders’ World Championships. Cup. Users will now discover a new look that highlights the luxurious experience of attending the Breeders’ Cup in person and passionately celebrates the beauty and excitement of the Sport of Kings.

Website visitors can now seamlessly track Breeders’ Cup contenders through online avatars and learn more about each equine athlete, including their country of origin and team information (jockey, trainer, owner and breeder), along with their latest results, stats and news. . Fans will also be able to explore a rugged Previous results section which provides detailed information, including results, payouts, video replays and photos, for every race in the Breeders’ Cup’s 38-year history.

Powered by Contentstack’s headless CMS, Infront X was able to create a modular and scalable site architecture that, unlike traditional CMS solutions, provides Breeders’ Cup content managers with a more flexible variety of components and tools to autonomously create a tailor-made experience.

The website redesign also dramatically improves the user experience when it comes to buying tickets, planning a trip to the Breeders’ Cup, getting betting information, enquiring. of the Breeders’ Cup in terms of safety and integrity, and much more. Members of the media are also encouraged to explore the new Media Center for the latest news and resources.

For the third consecutive year, the Breeders’ Cup is also bringing back a one-of-a-kind multicast viewing experience for the 2022 Breeders’ Cup World Championships, which will be available on the revamped site. Fans will be able to live stream up to four multicast streams simultaneously during the 2022 World Championships. Viewers will be able to choose from competitor cams, jockey cams, winner’s circle virtual reality and the Breeders ‘Cup Players’ Show for s ensure they tune in to every second of action during the two-day, 14-race event.

The 39th Annual Breeders’ Cup World Championships will take place November 4-5, 2022 at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Ky. and will be televised live by NBC Sports. Limited tickets are still available on

Sherry J. Basler