Anyword Announces New and Improved Website Targeted Email Feature

Anyword, the data-driven AI copywriting platform, has announced its new and improved Website Targeted Messaging feature, which analyzes assets on a user’s landing page to optimize copy, drive new copies and maximize conversions.

Founded in 2013, Anyword uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a marketing copy generator tool. The platform draws on multiple databases and analytics from $250 million of actual ad spots to generate text guaranteed to resonate with both specific use cases and audiences.

Anyword’s website-targeted messaging optimizes a website’s landing page to increase conversions and sales. It takes existing company website assets and applies Anyword data to generate compelling copy for use on the landing page. Users can preview and edit the copy and see Anyword’s predictive performance score to select the best options.

From here, the user can select preferred versions of the copy, set how often each will appear on the campaign website, and define what action constitutes a conversion, such as clicking a destination URL or a “ call to action”, and set out on the website. If an ad has many variations of copy based on search keywords, but they all lead to a single landing page, WTM creates consistency to show the audience copy that matches what they saw in the ad.

Once the campaign is active, Anyword also generates analytics on how each variation affects conversion rates, providing valuable real-time insights for the marketer.

“Anyword understands how difficult it can be to attract potential customers to your site and get them interested enough to stick around,” said Yaniv Makover, co-founder and CEO of Anyword.

“Our improved targeted website messaging helps develop variations of the best possible copy, shows those variations to your website visitors, learns what works best, and continually improves that copy to turn visitors into customers.” Website-targeted messaging is available for Anyword Convert customers.

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Sherry J. Basler