Alibaba Cloud Launches World’s Largest Intelligent Computing Center

August 30, Alibaba Cloud announced the official launch of its Zhangbei Super Intelligent Computing Center, with a total build scale of 12 EFLOPS (12 quintillion floating-point operations per second) of AI computing power, which will surpass Google’s 9 EFLOPS and Tesla’s 1.8 EFLOPS. The new construction is now the largest intelligent computing center in the world capable of providing powerful intelligent computing services for training large AI models, automated driving, spatial geography and other AI exploration applications. .

In addition to the Zhangbei Super Intelligent Computing Center, Alibaba Cloud has also started its Ulanqab Intelligent Computing Center, with a build scale of 3 EFLOPS (3 quintillion floating point operations per second) of AI computing power, which is located at the central node “Eastern Data and Western Computing Project” of Inner Mongolia, and adopts green technologies such as natural air cooling and AI temperature adjustment to pursue low-carbon development.

With the construction and landing of intelligent computing centers in various locations, China’s emerging industries, especially automated driving and AI research, will experience rapid growth. By the end of 2021, China’s computing power had become the second in the world while its growth rate ranked first.

Additionally, Alibaba Cloud officially launched its comprehensive intelligent computing solution “Feitian Intelligent Computing Platform”, which provides two modes of public and private cloud access, delivering powerful intelligent computing services for scientific research, enterprises and institutions. With advanced technical architecture, Feitian intelligent computing platform has achieved 90% parallel computing efficiency of 1000 cores, which can increase the utilization rate of computing power resources by more than 3 times, l AI training efficiency by 11 times and reasoning efficiency by 6 times. .

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Feitian Intelligent Computing Platform provides a comprehensive integrated computing power and big data AI solution based on its Panjiu infrastructure. It can run on servers with different chip types such as X86, GPU and ARM, realizing “one cloud, multiple cores”, and support mixed deployment and unified scheduling of multiple CPUs, as well as application optimization , improving some performance by more than 100%.

Ali Baba Cloud revealed that the Feitian intelligent computing platform has been widely used in the group, supporting the development of cutting-edge intelligent AI and e-commerce technologies at the company’s DAMO Academy. The platform was also used by XPeng Motors, DP Technology, SAIC, China Meteorological Administration, China Southern Power Grid and other institutions and enterprises, while supporting industries such as automated driving, drug R&D, weather forecasting and industrial energy companies to dramatically improve the effectiveness of their AI training.

Sherry J. Basler