Agile 8 Announces Company Rebranding to “agili8” with Revamped Website and Presentation at Singapore Venture & Capital Event on August 16

The company’s rebranding aims to demonstrate its commitment to expanding its reach to customers and investors worldwide

CEO, Esther Oh, of Agile 8, a multiple award-winning Australian technology solutions provider, is delighted to announce the rebranding of Agile 8 to ‘agili8’. The company’s rebranding is heralded by the launch of the revamped website ( that describes the vision, mission and values ​​of the company as well as its AI solutions and applications. According to Esther, agili8, which is the pronunciation of the company’s name, is an adjective coined to mean “enable people to work smarter, faster and safer”.

Speaking of the rebrand, Esther Oh said, “Our rebrand retains our infinity logo, but changed from blue and red to a gradient that goes from blue to pink and purple. The logo is the number 8 flipped horizontally to symbolize our smart glasses that see things from a different perspective with endless applications and its intelligent XR+AI capabilities to transform from AR, MR and other smart modes. Blue symbolizes the calm and confidence our solution brings, while pink encapsulates the diversity we embrace as a women-founded company and purple signifies the lofty goal we pursue, which is to save money. Protect. Transforming lives.

Backed by Aurumsy Ventures and notable investors, agili8 has won numerous innovation and cybersecurity awards, well known for their innovative agility in providing practical solutions to various complex situations.

It started with the pain Esther felt after her 16-year-old son lost his sight during the COVID-19 lockdown due to medical errors and delays, a situation that could have been avoided with a simple infusion. of steroids if the first doctor had known how to treat instead of referring from one specialist to another. So Esther set out to find a cost-effective and efficient way to capture valuable information with deep learning capabilities through smart glasses, while delivering critical on-demand knowledge to the frontlines, especially when working in emergency relief and remote areas where time is of the essence and lives. Are at risk.

The solution has multi-functional applications in multiple industries ranging from healthcare, defense, security, emergency services to advanced manufacturing, resources, construction, remote asset maintenance and l immersive education. The solution seamlessly integrates sophisticated extended reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision into an intuitive Plug & Play solution called XRAI Vision, connecting frontliners via a mobile app to a secure platform where remote specialists can see, zoom, draw and highlight the vision of frontliners and share information in real time. If no human or internet is available, AI assistance can be activated through voice and gesture recognition.

Apart from rebranding the company, agili8 is participating in the Venture & Capital event on August 16, 2022 in Singapore for their fundraiser to actualize its goal of saving, protecting and transforming lives by reducing lead times, human errors, expertise gaps and travel costs. , while ensuring the safety of people on the front line at work.

The event focuses on the Deep Tech, Prop Tech, Web 3.0 and Venture Capital ecosystems to help investors understand the current investment landscape and gain insights into hot sectors from investment leaders and industry leaders. renowned opinion.

Over 40 exclusive investment opportunities from Australia and Singapore will be showcased with over 1,000 delegates live and online.

Registration and details for the Venture & Capital event can be found here:

About agili8

Pioneering with breakthrough advancements in extended reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision, known as XRAI Vision, agili8 is a Buy 1 Give 1 Business 4 Good with committed global ESG impacts across all 17 development goals sustainable development of the United Nations.

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