Zitec has completely rebuilt the Arctic website using machine learning for video content – ​​The Diplomat Bucharest

Zitec, the Romanian market leader in IT and digital marketing, has developed the new Arctic website, using content generated by artificial intelligence (AI). The project reshapes the online presence of the Arctic brand and, thanks to new integrated technologies, it adapts to the current demands of home appliance customers.

Arctic is currently the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Romania. The company recently went through a rebranding process and wanted to meet customers with a website that showcases the company’s product portfolio in a way that suits the demands of a young audience.

In order to increase the attractiveness of the site, but also to provide visitors with technical information on the products in a simple way, the Zitec team opted for the use of video content automatically generated by machine learning technology. The decision was based on recent studies which showed an 84% increase in favor of the purchase decision of customers who watched a video presentation of a product of interest, compared to those who did not. do.

An analysis of traffic on the previous version of the Arctic website showed that around 95% of visitors are using a mobile device, which dictated a mobile-first approach in creating the new design. Zitec’s User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) team created a unique digital visual language for the site, using details from the Arctic logo to create GUI elements that convey the brand message.

“Digital innovation has grown over the past decade and adaptability to new technologies is key to succeeding in a competitive environment. Through the new Arctic site, developed with the Zitec team, we aim to offer consumers an efficient and intuitive experience through which they can discover our products in detail. Since the video presentation plays an important role in the purchase decision, we want to shape innovative ways to familiarize the audience with the desired product. The mixture of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology has helped create video content dedicated to the digital interaction between consumer and brand. Arctic will constantly adapt to whatever technology promises, in order to cement its position as the most valued and strong local brand,” said Gabriel Eremia, director of marketing and product management at Arctic.

“Mobile video marketing is increasingly important in generating an experience that makes a difference. Consumers prefer to be informed this way because it is easier to understand what the products they are interested in offer them. The new Arctic website is part of the brand’s first digital and mobile strategy and helps us connect faster and more effectively with as many consumers as possible,” said Catalin Cincu, Arctic Digital Marketing Specialist.

“The project set up with the Arctic team was extremely interesting for Zitec in several respects. The most popular Romanian brand chose to use several Zitec features, including UI/UX, software development, and digital marketing. We also appreciated the openness to innovation we encountered and the confidence Arctic placed in us in using brand new online technology, fully automatic video content generation based on a synthetic human model. said Alexandru Lapusan, CEO and co-founder of Zitec.

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