Tabor Communications Launches Quantum Computing Publication

SAN DIEGO, Calif., April 26, 2022 — Tabor Communications Inc. (TCI) today announced the launch of its new publication, QCwire, which will cover the quantum computing explosion. As quantum computing could very well be the next frontier of HPC, and with HPCwire publishing over 100 quantum-related articles and news in the first quarter of 2022, it’s time for dedicated coverage of this emerging technology. Although no one knows precisely when the era of quantum computing will arrive, it is clear that this moment is fast approaching.

HPCwire’s monthly newsletter will cover all things quantum computing with a focus on enabling technology, practical use cases and applications, and the quantum community itself. “For several years, HPCwire has followed the steady evolution of quantum computing from a promising curiosity to being on the verge of delivering widespread value. Although we don’t know exactly when, we believe quantum computing will become an important part of the HPC landscape, and likely sooner than expected,” said HPCwire Managing Editor Tiffany Trader. “QCwire will provide a more focused lens to track the development and adoption of quantum computing.”

The newsletter will be paired with a dedicated section on HPCwire for the wide range of businesses, companies, and individuals seeking to make quantum computing a practical reality. It will examine the many qubit hardware platforms and technologies vying for supremacy, examine “quantum” companies and their research and commercialization strategies, and review collaborative efforts and fundraising activities in the space. Coverage will extend to the US National Quantum Initiative and how it plays out in practice, as well as the DOE’s big bet on quantum computing, including benchmarks to assess everything , from quantum computing hardware and control circuits to the development of single-photon sources and protocols for building a Quantum Internet.

“For more than 30 years, we’ve reported on the fastest computers on the planet and the people who run them, which is why quantum computing is a natural inclusion for us,” said Tom Tabor, Founder and CEO. of Tabor Communications Inc. “This fast-moving segment requires dedicated coverage so that its developments and momentum are not lost in our broad coverage of conventional systems. This technology is approaching a usage inflection point, and we want to follow and see it come in. QCwire will be the beacon of stakeholder activity throughout the space.”

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