ProNavigator uses AI, machine learning and natural language processing

ProNavigator, a purpose-built SaaS knowledge management platform, aims to deliver accurate insights in seconds. The company recently extended its AI-based knowledge management system, Sage, which stores, manages and searches business-critical insurance information to support commercial P&C insurers.

Joseph D’Souza, founder and CEO of ProNavigator, said the company was born from the belief that insurance could be simpler, faster and more convenient for consumers.

“In 2016, I remember calling my insurer and after hours, several operators later and some frustration, I noticed the challenges of insurance and wanted to create a platform with simplicity,” said said D’Souza.

Sage’s machine learning is trained on specific insurance knowledge, to understand the type of questions front-line insurance professionals use and retrieves complete and accurate information in seconds. With accurate answers received instantly and automated workflows. The platform enables ProNavigator customers to outperform enterprises that still rely on legacy approaches to knowledge management due to the way knowledge is learned from every user interaction and every document.

With ProNavigator’s SaaS platform, commercial insurers and agents can benefit from immediate time and cost savings, a central location to find business-critical insurance information, and options flexible, AI-trained search tools that deliver relevant results in seconds.

“Information is the lifeblood of insurance, but too often it doesn’t flow fast enough to meet business demands, leading to wasted time, missed revenue opportunities and reduced productivity. D’souza said.

ProNavigotor was one of 12 startups selected for BrokerTech Ventures in 2020, working side-by-side with a network of veteran mentors, receiving seed funding for some of the company’s research and testing, and gaining access to a distribution platform to deploy the solutions. The company was also selected as the 2021 winner of Best Service Provider – Insurtech at the Sixth Annual Insurance Business Canada Awards.

“Getting this recognition for what we do, especially when working remotely, makes our hard work really feel noticed. Validation is indeed an important milestone for the company and our team,” said D’Souza.

Sherry J. Basler