Petworth Society launches new website and online archive

Miles Costello, editor of Petworth Society magazine, said: “Creating the archive has been a huge challenge with some 180 issues of the magazine and almost 8,000 pages of digitized text and photographs, all of which can now be searched online. .

“The project was a tremendous commission from a leading archiving company under the direction of company president Alexandra Soskin.”

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The workshop in 1904

On the new website, you can browse back issues of The Petworth Society magazine, read hundreds of written oral memoirs, research your family history and learn more about their lives and the jobs they may have had, and search for the street you live on. .

Miles said: “It’s the place to go.

“If you’ve ever wondered what became of young Harriet Moore who poisoned her illegitimate baby at Petworth Workhouse or why the old Hungers Lane is still considered the haunt of witches and ghostly apparitions, then here’s the opportunity to dig a little deeper, but maybe not too deep, as you might discover skeletons in your own closet.

The task has been made complex, Miles says, because it’s “just part of a plan to create a modern, easily accessible website where current and potential members can interact with the membership society. a way that was previously impossible”.

Sherry J. Basler