Moz Introduces SEO Tool to Analyze Website Performance Through Google’s Page Experience Algorithm

Moz, a leader in search engine optimization technology, introduces its Performance Metrics suite in Moz Pro’s Site Crawl toolset.

The new feature, which had an initial beta last spring, allows SEOs and site owners to automate and streamline performance analysis, which was previously a tedious task. It also provides insights from Moz Search scientists on how to improve the overall on-site user experience.

When Google rolled out its “Page Experience” algorithm in August 2021, user experience and performance factors became critical to maintaining search rankings. The Performance Metrics suite incorporates all of the Core Web Vitals and additional performance metrics that Moz customers should consider fixing to improve their on-page user experience and therefore continue to rank.

“SEOs shouldn’t assume that Google is done with Page Experience just because their initial update has finally rolled out. As more sites begin to exceed Core Web Vital thresholds, its impact on the rankings will become more noticeable,” said Tom Capper, Principal Researcher at Moz. “We wanted to give SEOs a way to automatically analyze their page performance and ensure they have the right information on how to improve the overall user experience to help them achieve their goals.The Performance Metrics Suite does all this and more, right on the Moz Pro platform.

The enhanced functionality allows Moz customers to track URLs on an automated, on-demand weekly basis across desktop and mobile devices, which is handy for the desktop rollout of the Page Experience Update later this year. year, depending on the supplier.

Presenting performance scores over time helps users keep tabs on developing issues before they affect a site’s SERP visibility, traffic volume, and conversion goals. After prioritizing pages that need help reaching Core Web Vital thresholds, users can implement Moz-recommended updates, then report on the impact of their efforts with custom reports.

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Sherry J. Basler