Maryland Today | Graduate Certificate Program in Quantum Computing for…

The University of Maryland will offer a new Graduate Certificate Program in Quantum Computing beginning in the spring of 2023 that will provide working professionals with advanced training and knowledge that could help revolutionize a range of fields and disciplines, from communications data science and artificial intelligence.

Offered by the Academy of Sciences in the College of Computing, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the 12-credit program can be completed in less than a year and will allow students to apply learning through exercises practices and experiential opportunities.

Participants will explore machine learning and identify areas where quantum computing can impact the discipline, as well as applications to optimization, encryption, information theory, and communication. The program will prepare students to implement and run applications on quantum computers or their simulators and understand how various physical implementations of quantum computers affect capabilities and performance. Graduates will be prepared to make appropriate and successful business decisions as developing quantum technologies reach maturity.

The program will include in-person instruction on the UMD campus, with classes taught by university professors and experts in the field. No prior knowledge of quantum physics or quantum computing is necessary.

The application deadline for Spring 2023 is November 15. Learn more or apply at

Sherry J. Basler