IBM is a leader in machine learning research with 5400 patents

IBM leads machine learning research with 5,400 patents in the industry, according to a BanklessTimes data presentation.

The company filed 5,400 different machine learning patents between 2017 and 2021, beating Microsoft and Google for first place, with Microsoft coming in second with 2,108 apps and Google in third with 1,342. Samsung Electronics had 937 apps while Capital One is came fifth. with 921.

Recently, the popularity of machine learning tools has exploded. This is due both to growing confidence in their accuracy and to a reduction in costs. Many companies are now using ML to provide accurate predictions and quickly analyze large datasets.

“Many developments are needed for machine learning to work well and become more intuitive. An indicator of the developments companies are pursuing in this area are patent applications,” the BanklessTimes presentation reads.

“These tell us what they’re working on, where they’re trying to innovate, and the future of the tech industry.”

It is in this context that IBM is increasing its investments in artificial intelligence. The company says its inventors are developing new technologies to inspire companies to evolve their use of AI.

IBM is focused on initiating change through natural language processing (NLP), automation and building confidence in AI. Moreover, it continues to inject new capabilities from its R&D branch into its products.

IBM says the next step in AI is what it calls fluid intelligence. The company says current machine learning technology is narrow. Therefore, using trained models for emerging needs requires a lot of time and new training data.

So we need an AI that mixes a wide range of information, explores causal links and discovers new experiences on its own.

Again, that means people trust technology they understand. This is because they have rated it and believe in its safety. IBM also insists that users should know that it is fair, reliable and safe for users to trust an algorithm.

IBM’s R&D department is pursuing different approaches that will help it build future-oriented AI systems. These align with societal values ​​because they are strong, explainable and accountable.

Additionally, IBM is developing new architectures and devices with vast processing capabilities. This hardware is robust and fast enough to handle the huge volumes of data we produce daily.

Meanwhile, IBM announced the acquisition of SXiQ, an Australian digital transformation services company specializing in cloud applications, cloud platforms and cloud cybersecurity.

According to a company statement, the move extends IBM’s hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence strategy by helping enterprises modernize and transform complex mission-critical applications across multiple clouds and platforms.

SXiQ works with Australian enterprises, as well as the Australian operations of large global enterprises, to migrate and modernize their cloud infrastructure and applications across multiple industries, including financial services, consumer products, energy, healthcare and the public sector.

Sherry J. Basler