Google is adding new ways to shop, like turning website photos into buyable products – TechCrunch

google today introduced new ways to shop through its platform, including online and through its Google Search mobile app. In an upcoming update to the Google Search app for iPhone, the company will start leveraging a new machine learning model that uses on-device processing to recognize products found in images on a site. Web in order to make them instantly “purchasable”. It will also make it easier for online shoppers to search for clothing and accessories from search results and check in-stock items at local stores.

On the Google mobile app for iOS, users will soon see a new button that turns images on a website into products that can be purchased through Google Lens. This means that if you are browsing a website and something catches your eye in a photo, you can click through to see where to buy that item. This kind of functionality is an extension of existing Google Lens technology, which can already identify products in images. It’s just adding it to a new context.

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Google Lens will also come to Chrome on desktop, Google says, allowing users to select images, video and text content on a website with Lens to see search results in the same tab.

In another update, when you search for clothes, shoes and accessories on mobile, Google will make shopping easier from its search results.

Here it will display a visual feed of products matching your query – like “cropped jackets”, for example – in multiple colors and styles. And it’ll show you style guides, videos, and details of where you can buy the items locally. You can also filter results by style, department, brand and more, as well as check ratings and reviews and compare prices.

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Google notes that this experience is powered by its “Shopping Graph,” a real-time product inventory dataset that now includes more than 24 billion listings.

It will also help shoppers when looking to buy in person, as you can select an “in stock” filter to see which stores nearby have your item available right now. This could be especially useful ahead of the busy holiday shopping season to help people shop for children’s gifts and toys.

The updates were announced today at Google Search on event, where the company also detailed other product updates for Maps, Lens and Search, including those that take advantage of new AI improvements.

Sherry J. Basler