Google has launched a website to help prepare for job interviews

Interview Warmup is a new product developed by Google that uses artificial intelligence to help people prepare for job interviews.

It asks standard interview questions and transcribes answers in real time as part of the Google Grow with Google and Career Certification initiatives.

Interview Warmup was created to help Google Career Certificate students prepare for job interviews, but now it’s available to everyone.

Users can practice answering common interview questions, as well as job-specific questions chosen by an industry expert, using text-to-speech or the keyboard.

In addition to allowing for personal review, Google’s algorithm will use machine learning to identify patterns and generate insights into a user’s responses. These include:

Interview Warmup now offers domain-specific questions for information analysis, e-commerce, IT help, project administration, UX and basic design.

Job-related terms, which highlight words in responses that are relevant to the specific field

Most Used Phrases, which flags phrases that have been used three or more times and offers alternatives.

Talking Points uses Google’s artificial intelligence to uncover important points in responses, including skills, experience, and lessons learned.

Summary of news:

  • Google has launched a website to help prepare for job interviews
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Sherry J. Basler