Biome Makers launches new website focused on global soil health mission

Biome Makers has launched a new website to inspire members of the farming community to learn more about soil biology. As thought leaders in the industry and a team with proven expertise in AgTech, Biome Makers wanted to have a website where people could visit and learn about soil biology in a simple and easy way.

“We wanted to cultivate a space that welcomes farmers, agronomists, retailers and agricultural makers to develop a deeper understanding of soil biology,” says Adrian Ferrero, co-founder and CEO of Biome Makers. “Our ultimate goal is to share our mission to optimize agricultural practices and improve soil health and sustainability around the world.”

Biome Maker’s goal in producing this new website is to create a way for the industry to get the latest news on BeCrop technology and how it can be used to recover and restore soil health. Through the Resource Sectionsgrowers, retailers and manufacturers can find articles, webinars and case studies to help them discover some of the best techniques for regenerating farmland and bringing transparency to the agricultural ecosystem. This new website also highlights Biome Makers Nonprofit Initiatives which include Fields4ever (f4e) and BeCrop Advisors (BCA).

Biome Makers has aligned its brand to underline its mission and vision for the future of agriculture, continuously innovating and striving to become a trusted partner to the industry. To learn more about Biome Makers, visit

Sherry J. Basler