Biden administration relaunches child tax credit website

The Treasury Department and the White House have relaunched a revamped version of the site on Monday to coincide with the start of tax season, adding new features to help with tax filing and access the total amount of outstanding credits.

As part of the American Rescue Plan Act, the Biden administration increased the child tax credit amount to $3,600 per child through the end of last year and offered advance payments monthly tax credit. The administration tried to extend the tax credit this year as part of its Build Back Better Act, but that effort failed in the Senate, where Republicans and two moderate Democrats remain opposed.

The IRS sent letters to families listing the amounts they received for child tax credit advance payments as well as economic impact payments, but the IRS’ taxpayer experience manager , Ken Corbin, told reporters Monday that the amounts shown on the letter may have been incorrect, especially if a family moved or if the check or direct deposit could not be delivered. The website should show the exact amount.

However, many families only received the first half of the amount they were entitled to last year and will be able to get the second half when they file their taxes this year. Additionally, some taxpayers who have eligible children did not receive installments in 2021 because they welcomed a new baby in 2021, have not yet filed taxes, or for other reasons. These taxpayers will get their full credit by filing their tax returns. On the other hand, many will not receive as large an amount as they are used to receiving as part of their tax refund, as around half of the payments were made in advance last year. .

“As tax filing season begins, the Treasury’s priority is to ensure that eligible families can receive the full child tax credit,” Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said Monday. in a press release. “This relief has helped families pay for essentials when they need them most and get the second half, or the full amount, of credit that millions of children can continue to benefit from.”

To help taxpayers during tax season, new features on the website include a tool that directs taxpayers to the best free filing options based on the answers to a few simple questions. Free deposit options include virtual and in-person support in multiple languages. The site also offers information on the child tax credit, eligibility and how to get the credit.

Sherry J. Basler