AWS Seeks to Leverage Machine Learning Across APJ with New Offerings – News

AWS is looking to capitalize on the demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in the Asia Pacific region, with select offerings now available to partners and first-time customers.

The cloud giant announced last week that its IoT TwinMaker, Amplify Studio, Aurora Serverless V2, SageMaker Serverless Inference, and Textract Queries are all now available.

AWS APJ Chief Technologist Olivier Klein said at a press conference last Friday that the launches will drive innovation among partners and customers in the region, with use cases such as helping to mitigate Australia’s bushfires, accelerating vaccine development and personalized shopping experiences, and maximizing productivity for farmers and in other agricultural technology scenarios.

“In 2022, we are seeing greater adoption of machine learning in Asia-Pacific with organizations implementing [a] wide variety of use cases, including recommendation engines, scientific research, logistics, agriculture, and fraud detection. By putting machine learning in the hands of every builder and bringing more services to the region, we are committed to enabling our customers across the region to develop new, innovative solutions that drive business productivity, improve lives and protect our planet,” Klein said. mentioned.

“We will continue to accelerate our pace of innovation by inventing entirely new technologies and bringing cloud infrastructure even closer to customers across Asia Pacific. It will help organizations of all sizes and across industries transform their customer experiences, modernize their applications, and deliver new services at scale. »

Klein said AWS would also look to continue investing in its partner network in the region, with the general availability of offerings, allowing channel partners to deploy the technologies to end customers.

“When we say we listen to our customers, that also includes partners, and whatever they tell us, we can do for them right away, and whatever they want to integrate,” he said. declared.

Klein said machine learning has been a “really big topic” lately for AWS customers, specifically involving training machine learning models and making predictions from that model. This problem would be solved by AWS SageMaker Serverless Inference, which would enable serverless predictions and inference.

Amazon Textract, which has been live since 2019, now also includes queries, which can allow users to specify data or information from a document using a natural language query and without having to write of APIs.

“We combine natural language processing capabilities with these document processing capabilities, marrying them together, and now you have customers in all types of industries,” Klein added.

“This is especially useful in banking, healthcare [and] public sector insurance, but any type of business probably needs document processing capabilities. »

AWS Panorama was also launched in Asia Pacific in January, specifically in its Sydney and Singapore areas, which is a machine learning device and software development kit for providing “computer vision” to on-site cameras. of a client in order to make automated predictions. The service automates monitoring and visual inspection tasks, such as assessing manufacturing quality, finding bottlenecks in industrial processes, and assessing worker safety in their facilities.

Klein added that the new offerings will be supported by 10 new local area extensions across the region, including recently announced areas in Perth and Brisbane.

“One of the things that we continue to do is grow our infrastructure footprint in Asia Pacific and that’s giving our customers the choice of where they run their workloads, but also the improve for their end customers by reducing latency that we’re really looking at flexibility in where they run their apps,” he said.

Sherry J. Basler