AI-powered website creates realistic Harry Potter characters after book descriptions

A Potterhead has used an AI-based art website to render portraits of Harry Potter characters as they were first portrayed by the author in the books. Needless to say, some resemble the iconic actors who brought them to life while others are stunningly different.

Reddit user clean lettuce used Artbreeder, an art website that allows creators to generate and modify faces, landscapes or paintings via machine learning.

Artbreeder is the 2018 invention of engineer Joel Simon and uses StyleGAN and BigGAN models to generate original artwork based on pre-trained models. The result is a high quality dream image that can be modified by the user to reflect their vision. By disabling image generation, there is more human control and therefore, an “artist’s touch”.

clean lettuce started from the descriptions of the Harry Potter books and generated the famous trio – Harry, Hermione, Ron – as well as emblematic characters like Snape or Sirius, without forgetting the Weasley and Dursley family.

“Artbreeder can be quite limited in what you can do and can be a little twisted, so not all of the characters came out the way I wanted, but I thought Sirius came out the way I imagined! Dark and majestically beautiful. “, she said for Bored panda.

Here is what the AI ​​came up with:

Draco Malfoy: very pale pointed face, cool gray eyes, slick white-blonde hair (never described as handsome or ugly)
Hermione Granger: bushy dark brown hair, brown eyes, large male teeth (never described as pretty or ugly)
Ron Weasley: Long nose, blue eyes, pale face with freckles, bright red hair, slim build
Sirius Black: (mid/late 30s), long black hair and gray eyes, “royally” handsome with fair skin (after getting out of Azkaban)
Snape: (38) Fine uneven yellow teeth, large hooked nose, waxy skin, dark/black eyes, mid-length oily black hair
Lily Potter: (21 years old), bright green eyes, beautiful shoulder-length dark red thick hair
Dudley Dursley: blond hair, blue eyes, extremely large with small eyes, like a “pig in a wig”

Want to meet Harry, Fleur, Cedric, Dolores Umbridge and the rest of the Dursley and Weasley family? Go here!

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AI-powered website creates realistic Harry Potter characters after book descriptions

Sherry J. Basler