Ableton’s updated Learning Synths website can save and export your musical doodles

Ableton has been a fun and free way to learn all the cool things you can do with synthesizers. If you don’t know what oscillators, filters, and envelopes do, the company will teach you. Best of all, you don’t need anything but a modern web browser to get started. And if you want another excuse to check it out, Ableton just rolled out a new update.

The latest version of the website lets you export anything you create with the included Playground software synthesizer to Ableton Live. It’s now also possible to capture up to 60 seconds of audio, allowing you to record the synth as you experience it. On the front of the interface, Ableton has added an “Open in Playground” button that lets you jump straight to the soft synth from within a lesson. Additionally, the synth includes a new configurable XY pad adding to the amount of experimentation possible. Oh, and there’s also a dark mode now, and the addition of Turkish, Finnish, and Portuguese language support. All of this should make the tool accessible to even more people.

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Sherry J. Basler